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Employer/Employee fucking are almost never a wise thing to do…unless, that is, your employer is Asstyn Martyn – and in that case…all bets are off. I mean she is…Asstyn Martyn, the lovely brickhouse with an ass made of gold & goodness. And luckily we get to see this great scenario play out as the good folks over at Video bring Asstyn Martyn out for a nice fuck in her latest scene entitled – “Wanking At Work”.

Now, if we have said it once, we are sure we have said it a million times – the body of Asstyn Martyn is simply a modern marvel of thick greatness. And this scene does a great job of showcasing all of her thickness for the camera. As watching in such tight fabrics as she is with her blue shirt and red blouse that just so appropriately shows off the pure massiveness of that ass…its just everything. But we digress to the plot. Asstyn Martyn is working hard at her desk, and her employee Johnny is ready to head home after a long week of work. Thinking that she is all alone, what better way to take a break from work than some good porn to take ones mind off things. And we get to see the supreme phat pussy of Asstyn Martyn nicely as she spreads those full thick and delicious so that her fingers can gain access to her meaty pussy and play in between them. But as luck would have it, Johnny, her employee returns and witness the porn and the pleasure she is giving herself…and well, apparently he returns just in time, as Boss Martyn has a special project for him…and of course, he happily obliges.

This scene showcases the two things we enjoy most about Asstyn Martyn – all of her infinite thickness, and her lust – and its her lust that is especially captured during this scene. Asstyn Martyn looks hornier than usual. For after Johnny goes leaves for the weekend, we are treated to a brief masturbation session  as she watches porn, and we can see that oh-so-phat pussy cream up. Its clear that she wants dick and she wants it bad. And when Johnny returns, she wastes no time in letting him know that she wants that dick – all of it!

The foreplay is excellent, especially given Asstyn’s extra horny state. And we love seeing her horniness grow as Johnny explores her massive tits with nice sucks, and explores the vast wonder that is one of the most amazing asses porn has ever had as she constantly keeps her hands on his dick until its free from captivity. But once it is, Asstyn Martyn goes on a pure dicksucking barrage. Just constant and consistent sucks, and licks, and licks and sucks. You can tell that she wants it. And after the sucking is done, after the great titty fucking. Johnny bends all that ass of Asstyn over, and gives her a pure ramrod fuck like she deserves and has clearly been asking for with the lust energy that she has been pushing out since the scene started.

It is clear that both Johnny and Asstyn Martyn are in lust overdrive. The fucking is hard, intense and pure..and we get treated to very nice action from Asstyn as she loves absolutely ever inch of Johnny’s dicks stretching her phat pussy so nicely. One of the highlights of the scene is Asstyn Martyn’s reverse cowgirl that so perfectly exposes all of Asstyn’s lovely face as it winces from pure enjoyment of the fucking she is receiving, those massive titties which are so big…so big, and of course one of the illest waist, hip, and pure ass ratios in the business as it all bounces up and down Johnny  hard dick.

This is a very nice scene, full of lust, energy, so much energy – and a nice scene to watch as Asstyn Martyn get super horny in a rare, well somewhat rare way which lead to her and her co-star fucking almost as if the cameras weren’t even there, and it was just a pure lust fuck. Some issues did take away from that heavy energy of the scene though – with some very noticeable audio sync issues, continuity issues, and…something about them fucking on a table…even though the fucking was hot, with all the ass that Asstyn has, and with her hunger to be fucked…we can only imagine how much better this scene would have been if it had started on the table, and then led to the huge real estate of a bed somewhere so she could really throwdown.

But do not let that deter you from the absolutely nice fucking action that took place. As it is another reminder of why Asstyn Martyn has risen to the top ranks of voluptuous XXX in record time – and why she will stay there for a long fucking time to come. Asstyn Martyn is simply incredible. Head over to, PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION, and Witness the marvelousnes of this woman!!!