Asstyn Martyn Brings The Joy Of All That Ass To Ludus Adonis on!


Asstyn Martyn, Asstyn Martyn, oh-damnit-how-much-do-weloveussome…Asstyn Martyn! This woman has captured the attention of the entire voluputous adult entertainment world and beyond…and with no signs of slowing down for awhile…fans worldwide have all just been in awe of what this woman brings to the camera; And that is plenty of beauty, plenty of love, and for damn sure plenty of big titties, and #GawdDamn GINORMOUS ass, that is always a thing of beauty to behold anytime it even shows a glimpse of itself. And with the success of her website, – we have all been treated to the one thing we want more and more of…and that’s more Asstyn Martyn sucking and fucking, fucking and sucking, and showcasing that body of supreme perfection. And in her latest release entitled “Something Special For Him“, the lovely Asstyn Martyn blesses the dick of Ludus Adonis as only she can!

First and foremost, let us take a brief piece of time to pay a moment of awe and respect to the sheer beauty and dimensions of Asstyn Martyn, and of course the ass of Asstyn Martyn…………………………………………

…now that that is done…Ludus Adonis is truly one of the luckiest men in the world for numerous reasons, but for this moment it is because Asstyn Martyn delivers an excellent performance as she offers up one of the biggest asses in XXX in its entirety to Ludus – which makes for another great fuck for Asstyn Martyn’s catalog!

Now we aren’t one for plots so much when Asstyn Martyn is involved because…we are obviously focused on seeing this woman do what she is so freaking talented at…but pretty much Asstyn is simply determined to showcase her love and affection for Ludus by giving him something special. And with her starting off by approaching a sleeping Ludus, to take out his dick…and begin to apply her patented wet & concentrated dicksucking style – which we just love to watch her do. And Asstyn Martyn is a phenomenal performer – to be sure, but…there is just something about her suck BBC…that just melts our heart. And it isn’t long before Ludus Adonis awakens to return the favor to Asstyn Martyn in a variety of ways.

One of the great things we admire about Ludus Adonis’ scenes is his attention to the entirety of the women in the scenes that he is in…and we say that because he does a great job of paying crucial attention to the overwhelmingly overlooked, because her ass is so big, but those titties are fucking huge – breasts of Asstyn Martyn. Just watching him slow the pace of the action down to pay homage to the mighty “H” cups, but we are going to call them an “I” cup to encourage their growth, just adds an ounce of sensuality that shines through in the rest of the scene and makes…special in a way. Almost to the point to where the scene teeters on the line of on-screen fucking to off-screen pure enjoyment sexing.

Ludus Adonis takes Asstyn Martyn through a plethora of postions – and everyone of them is our favorit…but we particularly enjoy the cowgirl. Watching this woman ride dick and watching those cheeks bounce up and down as her pussy swallows whole the entire dick of Ludus – THAT is pure magic that only Asstyn can bring the way she brings it.

The entire scene is just an solid great scene that must be witnessed if you are fans of porn period, but even more if you are fans of huge donks and good fucking. Asstyn Martyn delivers again…with a very nice, and pleasant fuck scene that has its moments of fucking & sexing which just means one thing….Asstyn Martyn really does have the bomb ass pussy!!! Go to, Join Up, and witness one of the greatest rookie sensations in this era of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment!

…AND, Asstyn Martyn has been listed as a canidate for for PHAT Magazine’s 2018 PHAT Freshman Class presented by Plumperpass – where we select the top 10 (11 this year) out many many of today’s fresh new talent that we feel will be Voluptuous Adult Entertainment’s next generation of legendary Superstars, Legends, & Hall of Famers…go Vote For Asstyn Martyn for the 11th pick  to guarantee her spot in this years class!!!

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