Asstyn Martin Opens 2018 With A Diabolical Dicking On


The fastest rising new voluptuous adult starlet of 2017, Asstyn Martyn has obviously made tearing through the industry a habit by releasing hit after hit of top notch megadonk bangers. And now that 2018 is here, Asstyn Martyn is not slowing down a bit, in fact she is turning up the heat another notch to start the year off right, and in her latest release from, “Big Butt Delivery”, Asstyn shows & proves that the shock & awe of fucking we have seen so far is simply just the beginning.

Asstyn Martyn serves up her all powerful donk excellently in “Big Butt Delivery“, as Asante Stone ¬†delivers an instructional showcase on how to properly performe a balls deep dicking on such a monstrously huge ass! This is one of those scenes that shatters the thermometers when it comes to heat. The pure fucking that Asstyn happily takes from the ruthless pounding that Asante delivers clearly sums up why Asstyn Martyn was the one to watch for 2017.

From the start of the scene, there was just a pure horniness vibe that came from Asstyn & Asante. And we can only surmise that once Asstyn entered the scene in that fucking dress that showed off all that shelf, (and we ourselves said “DAMNNNNNN” when saw those curves in that dress too!) matched with Asante’s reaction to all the glorious ass of Asstyn, a fierce fucking was about to take place. And it wasn’t just the horniness coming from Asante, it was the lust filled rage coming from Asstyn as well…for proof of that just look at the way Asstyn assaults the dick of Asante…sucking it vigorously with succulent delight.

And then once Asante enters the pussy of Asstyn Martyn…its just off from the fucking races from there. Asstyn just gets that pussy pounded with no remorse & that ass co-signs a the great fucking by the way it bounces so deliciously. Simply put, and we can not stress this enough, Asstyn just looks so fucking hot getting deep dicked in every position from Asante. And this scene that Asstyn delivers, puts an early exclamation point at the beginning of her 2018.

This fucking scene is phenomenal! Asstyn Martyn begins the next year of her career even hotter than she began the last. An awesome fucking that puts her and all that ass through the paces, and at the end Asstyn is not only satisfied, but still hungry for more. Great showing by Asante in handling all that ass. Head over to, Purchase A subscription, & marvel as Asstyn Martyn opens up 2018 with a fucking explosion of fire in this latest scene!

8.9 Awesome

Fucking Awesome, Asstyn Martyn brings ass for a powerfucking and Asante delivers just that. Asstyn provides a great show for the camera and makes an Ass-stounding performance that is probably the best of the year so far.

  • HEAT 9.1
  • ACTION 9.1
  • User Ratings (5 Votes) 2.4
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