Ashley Heart: The Rise of A Starlet


Super sexy XXX heroinne, Ashley Heart​, who recently released her latest feature entitled “Gigolo Jigglin” on Sensational Video/, isn’t your typical voluptuous adult/XXX artist. Her approach and performance in the industry is more in the lane of a, new & growing style of pure fucking with a genuine enjoyment of it, that’s growing in the voluptuous adult entertainment industry right now. YET, Ashley Heart, with her growing successes with every project she does, is more focused on creating her own lane in this industry. And with the acheivements she has acheived, not the least of which is, luring in more and more fans to witness her outstanding sexual works, and by that introducing more fans to voluputuous adult entertainment itself – it’s hard to argue with the results.

While not exactly a rookie to the Adult game, Ashley Heart has already proven to be one of the industry’s most hard-to-miss & must watch talents, as she has already garnered several co-signs from some of the genre’s most heralded superstars, and become one of the best new adult actresses in the industry period! By now, you’ve heard, witnessed, and marveled at Ashley’s superiorly wicked fellatio (that’s quickly becoming its on legend in of itself) where she has throated the likes of Jax & the Legendary Ramon, in addition to every scene where the combination of the most incredible trifectas of head, pussy, and skill lead to incredible fucking, which leads to the most powerful orgasms on behalf of her co-stars (the lucky assholes who get to sex her…yes we are hating!), all of this in combination with a whole lot more is why Ashley Heart is setting up a strong foundation for herself within the industry which looks like its about to hold an awesome career for the stunning starlet with the intoxicating eyes that are deep enough to drown you into her sweet innocent lust.

But just what does Ashley Heart have to say abour her time and success in her career thus far? Well PHAT Magazine had the honor of linking up with Ashley Heart to get her story on her entrance into the industry, her opinions about her success, BBWCon, Her goals in the industry, as well as giving us the story of her “wicked” fellatio and discussing the women within the industry who have been motivational in her will to be one of the industry’s most revered actresses ever…and…she regarding her notorious fellatio skills (WHICH IS FUCKING AWESOME, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS WOMAN AT WORK!!!) she “calls out” a particular adult entertainer to engage in a fellatio competition to find who really is…the best…in a way, and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!!

Check out the Exclusive Interview the one and only Ashley Heart below:

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