Anna Anarchy: Lost Too Soon, But Her Memory Will Live On


The Voluptuous Adult Industry was rocked to the core when word was released that adult entertainer, Anna Anarchy, passed away this last week. Anna Anarchy was a marvelous modern day marvel & talent who set her own course in carving her own unique niche and lane within this industry which delighted followers and fans from all over. But more importantly, Anna Anarchy was powerful spirit of incredible energy that positively charged everyone she met and engaged with within this business.

Anna Anarchy’s loss was far tool soon, but the wonderful memories that she has blessed upon those who knew her, and fans that loved her will live on forever. Within the industry she will be remembered as a remarkable person, friend, and symbol of everything that is good about the industry. Her impact on the industry will be remembered for how Anna Anarchy rose to become one of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment’s few & truest avant-gardists. Radicalizing the industry by boldly taking it into a new direction with her “punk porn” concepts, breaking down boundaries and barriers while infusing her own passions and style – making it truly unique, and creating a movement that drew in fans worldwide.

Peers & friends from around the voluptuous adult world took to social media to pay their respects, wishes, and memories to Anna Anarchy & her family. And on behalf of all of us here at PHAT Magazine – we wish her family and friends very heavy condolences for their loss. And it was an extreme pleasure and honor to have worked with her.

Anna Anarchy – You will be missed forever, but never forgotten.

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