Alyson Galen Gets Heavy Deep-Dicking In Latest PlumperPass Release!


There is something that has always fascinated us deeply about super big tit starlet, Alyson Galen. And of course, she has the magnificent set of Charmin soft jumbo tits that clock in at an astonishing 44H cup – (even though we are pushing them up to I cups) – but its more to it than that. Its her genuine lust for the dick in her performances, that passion she has when she is being dicked down, that has always made her standout to us. And we are pleased to say that she is back on, in her latest release, “She Needs A Ride“, teamed up with long-stroke expert, Carlo, as they put together a hell of a scene.

Alyson Galen, we need more of…she delivers in every scene she does solidly. And this scene is no different, as it features Alyson walking back from the store carrying some pretty heavy groceries, when horndog on the prowl playing Good Samaritan (played by Carlo) spots the cutey with all the titties, and offers his assistance. Then once back at her place, she is turned on by the “helpfulness” of Carlo is ready to enjoy some good hard dick. Luckily for Alyson Galen, Carlo has all that she need, wants, and then some.

The sheer thickness of Alyson Galen in those jeans and purple top, not revealing while revealing all of those breathtaking breasts, is enough to get dick on bedrock. But despite how good she looks with clothes on…when she takes them off, you can’t help but stare in utter amazement. And its clear that when Carlo unleashes the dick, that it triggers a sexual lust-ladened tigress within Alyson that just can’t wait to enjoy Carlo in just about all ways possible. And like we said numerous times before…Alyson Galen just looks great sucking and fucking. Just watching her enjoy herself as she sucks the girth of Carlo…it just puts us a peace, while sending our sperm count in the balls at war. And all of this is accented by the fact that Alyson’s ginormous breasts just seem to fill up the screen, and adlib every position she does…its just visual eye candy that amazes all throughout.

But the fucking, along with the before mentioned, is just so deliciously gratifying. It is obviously and clearly evident that Carlo absolutely loves the sweet phat pussy of Alyson Galen, and in return…she is pure bliss from the deep, direct, balls deep ram-rodding that Carlo gives her pussy with lumberjack perfection. He fucks her with powerful blasts of dick in doggystyle, that Alyson takes happily with joy, and then – with some of the greatest visuals in the scene – long dicks her phat pussy in a angled missionary that puts all of Alyson’s exquisite natural features on display as she feigns for more and more dick. We love this woman.

An incredible solid and great scene through and through. The chemistry that Alyson & Carlo share makes for an outstanding fuck that is sure to one that you will re-watch for some time to come. We already can’t wait for the next Alyson Galen scene after this performance, and just period. She is a joy to watch in action. And of course those big titties deserve a spot on every man’s cell phone wall paper.

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