Alexxxis Allure Seeks Good Dick From Carlo In Latest PlumperPass Release!


Talk about super, SUPER SEXY – then you we are obviously talking about Alexxxis Allure. Talk about a voluptuous adult entertainer that’s always a great and fun entertainer to watch at work. Then you are talking about Alexxxis Allure. And since we are talking about Alexxxis Allure, then let us rejoice at the fact that Alexxxis Allure has made her joyous return to to try her hand at being a famous mainstream model in her latest XXX feature entitled simply, “Photographer Fucks“.

Now the plot line is simple enough, but then again it does not need to be complex. Because the stunningness of Alexxxis Allure is so great we can barely contain ourselves. However, Alexxxis is the market for some photographs to assist her with her goals of the big time in mainstream modeling. So she goes to Carlo for some shots. And after a few shots & review…she feels the only way to get her true sexiness to shine through is feel even sexier. And whatever is Carlo to do but oblige her the best way he can…through a good dicking of course.

Alexxxis Allure is one of the loveliest ladies in voluptuous XXX & seeing her strip down to total nakedness is a true delight. And Carlo is determined to help Alexxxis feel as sexy as ever, as he gropes and explores the awesome proportions of Alexxxis Allure. And it is not long till he feels her body calling him, and her pussy especially, and answers that call by savoring her pussy excellently. And she returns that favor by filling her mouth to capacity with the dick of Carlo for an good, & rather quick, blowjob scene. Afterwards we are treated to Carlo, going deep and hard into pussy of Alexxxis Allure in doggystyle which does great job of showing off the plump ass of Alexxxis Allure…and quite plump it is indeed. With some cowgirl some very nice riding action via reverse cowgirl from Alexxxis, along with some deep and purposeful missionary. These two combine to give a nice and solid performance.


We love Alexxxis Alure, who returns to PlumperPass to deliver a good solid scene. While the scene itself seemed to lack a little bit of “soul” to it, if that makes sense,; along with there being a few hiccups to it – primarily with duration of certain elements of sexplay – the chemistry between the two, and sheer delight that Alexxxis Allure always brings in her performances will bring a smile to the face of Alexxxis Alure fans the world over. Head over to, Join Up, & watch!


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