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It still leaves us utterly flabbergasted and dumbfounded with excitement, that the great goodness of Africa Sexxx is back & better and huger than ever! We remembered her return – and how it just shocked us of how fucking much those, already ginormous, breasts had grown! And it still leaves us in sheer amazement! With such a huge growth in mammaries, it seems like Africa Sexxx has also brought in a new excitement for the camera – her scenes have enhanced, and she has evolved the powerful lust she brought to the screen to an even higher level now. In her latest flick from the good folks over at – she shows us just how powerful that all-powerful lust is. Titled “Blowjob Interview“, Africa Sexxx is teaming up with PlumperPass Woodsman Mirko for a hell of exciting scene – that focuses on the devouring skills of Africa’s head game, and still at the same time centers around those megatron tits!

First things first – Africa Sexxx looks so fucking incredible, with the weight she has perfectly acquired. And we see that supreme thickness from the very beginning of the scene, as she makes her way into the office of “Mr. Steele”, played by Mirko, in the hopes of applying and landing a job. Wearing a short pink mini-skirt, and a tight top that can barely contain the mountains upon mountains of tit underneath it…Africa Sexxx is just looking so so delicious. A fact that Mr. Steele cannot help but notice either.

But, business is business and upon discovering that would rather not waste a time with an application, nor does she have a resume – Mr. Steele begins to think that Africa, “Renee” in this scene, may not be quite what his company is looking for. However after some pleading about how much she needs this job, and informing Mr. Steele that she will do anything for this job – he discovers that while she might not be what the company is looking for, Renee, for damn sure is what he is looking for. And after asking her to move in closer and to have a seat…Mr. Steele handles the thick hams of hers, and soon begins the struggle of pulling out one of the Top 5 Biggest Tits in Voluptuous XXX, and it is then clear that Renee’s looks of being employed are looking very good!

This scene deliver so well at the point, Mirko pays homage to the might and size of Africa’s jumbo titties as he sucks them feverishly. And one of the very well quirks of this scene is just how much effort both Mirko and Africa have to go through just to get those tits out…its a beautiful struggle. But once they are released – we were just floored in amazement at the sheer size of them, and how Mirko attacks them with the gropes, handles, and sucks of a 1000 men. He is clearly in a trance of mezmeration of Africa’s intensely huge tits. And we are too.

But we could spend the whole article discussing the mighty tits of Africa...but its the blowjob that we are interested in, as its in the title of the scene. And Africa Sexxx delivers a quite the good one for Mirko. She literally stuffs and swallows the whole of Mirko’s dick with a very nice technique. Our suckologists from our sister site,, have told us it appears to be rare version of the ever-popular, Sia’iym dicksucking style. And with that technique Africa Sexxx goes in on the dick of Mirko. And we love how the director keeps the angle wide, because watching  those huge, gigantic tits of Africa Sexxx rock back and forth as she eats Mirko’s dick is just incredible. Also taking time to get his dick lost in the enormity of those tits with a great tit fuck…the whole thing is just so great.

With such huge tits, and such quality sucking, Africa Sexxx must get fucked. Mirko begins by putting her up on the desk for a standing upright missionary fuck that has Mirko going all in with deep strokes on Africa’s pussy. Listening to Africa love the dick she is receiving – but we just love how the gigantic left titty just stays visible all throughout, almost commanding your attention as she receives good dick. The titty is so fucking huge, its almost the size of Africa Sexxx’s entire torso.

But the highlight of the scene is clearly Africa Sexxx’s cowgirl. Africa Sexxx stuffs the dick deep in her pussy  and gives us 3 riding styles, one where she rides the dick on her feet, another where she bounces on the dick while on her knees, and the third where she just grinds that good pussy balls deep. All of it while the camera captures the cowgirl action wide…and with those beautiful and massively giant tits all in full perfect view, dare we say this has to be one of the most beautiful cowgirl rides of the fucking year! Africa Sexxx looks fucking amazing.

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