Africa Sexxx Returns: Better, Bigger, & More Stacked (LE)


We told everyone that 2019 would be another monumental year for voluptuous XXX. We told everyone that this year would be special as it would bring about some of the most amazing happenings and events in VXXX (Voluptuous XXX) history; and as right as we have been thus far – we must admit that we were not even ready for this – the one and only big bust bombshell fuckstar has returned! After a 10+ year hiatus – the tittylicious Africa Sexxx is back, and now a BBW, with bigger, better, and with so much more titties than ever before! And she is wasting no time in getting back to the talents that made her one of XXX’s brightest starlets during her first run, by showcasing her new and improved outstanding body on

Now for those who may not know of Africa Sexxx, let us give you a very brief summary of who this woman is…Africa Sexxx is one of XXX’s, Big Tit XXX in particular, most energetic fuckstars ever. She entered the industry and was instantly popular in-demand  talent – not just due to those incredible pillowy and pendulous huge trademark tits of hers, but also due to the sexual intense energy and head she brought to each and every scene. She possessed a skill and ability to own a scene, by seeming to not “act” during sex, but to actually “fuck” during sex, which caused her to release a raw and dynamic energy seen by very talents at that time, let along big-bust talents. Her dicksucking, flexibility, ability to work the dick with her hungry pussy, and those huge giant titties – her knowledge of working those to flawless perfection – she was just dynamite, purely big tit dynamite!

And now Africa Sexxx is back, and is now officially a BBW. And if you thought those huge titties were giant back then…they have fully been upgraded thanks to her luscious increase in curvature, and are now a mindblowing M-Cup Smorgasbord of pure soft and luxurious tit flesh – UP 6 CUP SIZES…and they are even more dynamic and just oh so beautiful now!

But if you think that just those mam-nificent (…yes we made that word up) titties have improved, the bombshell fuckstar shows in her latest release for, entitled “There’s No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx” – her ability to destroy dick with a lustful fervor has only improved. And fuck a buildup of talking about plotlines as we normally would…Africa Sexxx simply picks up where she left off by delivering a hot and raucous suck & fuck session.

The central theme in this release is those simply ginormous titties of Africa Sexxx, and the camera work does a phenomenal job centering the head and sex around them. I mean, those titties are just fucking magnanimous – and we are so impressed and in awe of them we used that word completely wrong and don’t give a fuck. They are just breathtaking. And she delivers that pussy so nicely in a nice doggystyle that also shows us all of the “more’ ass” she has gotten, but also her patented cowgirl – which shows us that she still knows how to ride hard on the dick, and grind it into blissful submission – all the while the camera work stays focused on the deliciously ginormous titties of Africa. Man, she was fucking beautiful before, but now…she is even more incredible!

While this scene was very short scene in terms of actual sex, it was made to just show the point that Africa Sexxx is back and she is still packed with the XXX skills that made her so popular. And with those skills now improved and refined she seems like she is ready to go on another tear throughout the industry once again. And what this great scene shows us is that she is more than capable of doing just that and then some. And those titties…man those titties – Huge Kudos to, for the reintroduction of this charismatic fuckstar. Head over to now, and witness the Return of one of Big Tit porn’s  All-Stars – for Africa Sexxx has returned!