9 Most Diabolical Fellatio Artist You Need To Know!

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Dick Sucking…the world’s oldest hobby, sport, exercist, and tradition. Women say its easy to do but difficult to master – and everyone loves it. But we asked ourselves which women can’t just suck dick, but get medieval on it. We mean perform fellatio like their lives depended on it. We wanted to know which women in this voluptuous genre of our grand profession represented…not the best, but the most “diabolical” fellatio artists out. And yes there is a difference between “the best” and “the most diabolical”.

Well we came across 9 ladies that seemed to fit that bill. Now let us be clear, in no way is this a comprehensive list, nor is it a list of “The Best”. This is simply a list of 9 of the most ruthless fellatio experts in the thick/voluptuous/bbw adult genre today. And when say ruthless we mean women that only know one way…and that’s 100% HAM all the time everytime. As well as being the most amazing dicksucking grandmasters that you absolutely must no about.

We came across numerous women…we had a hard time choosing and breaking down this list. Many women were excluded because there was simply no names, and no catalog of works, or anything indicating they were sucking dick for the purpose of establishing an adult entertainment career. And we didn’t include already Legend & Hall of Fame Fellatio Artists like PinkyXXX, or Dirtly Little Diva…we wanted “relatively fresh” names.

And we limited it to 9 to make it more challenging – so without further ado – here are the 9 MOST DIABOLICAL Fellatio Artists You Need To Know:


1.) Lyla Everwettt

The folklore and myth of Lyla Everwettt have certainly lived up to the hype since she began her sex filled journey into the world of Adult Entertainment. What has contributed to this is her notorious “hunger” for dick…for very few greedily feast on dick with all their might, regardless of the size, then this woman right here. While not a deepthroat specialist (nor does she need to be), Lyla’s technique and tenacity on the dick speaks volumes.

Check out all her classic scenes at her website – BBWLylaEverwettt.com!

2.) Carmella Plush

One of the most impressive ladies to represent the new class of voluptuous adult entertainers, & nominee for the 2016 PHAT Freshman Class, is Carmella Plush. And with just a few scenes to her name thus far, they have been enough to make her a buzz amongst lovers of voluptuous adult entertainment. Of course its that rediculous ginormously big and beautiful monster booty…but beside that is Carmella’s uncanny fellatio style – her knee knocking, ball busting, award winning dick sucking. Her ablity to use her tongue so viciously as well as take not only one, but two balls at the same time will gripping the base of even the biggest dick. Make her a force to be reckoned with not only XXX, but in fellatio specifically.

3.) Pink Kandi

One of the most underrated, yet most accomplished ladies in all of voluptuous XXX is Pink Kandi. With a catalog that rivals many of the genre’s elite – Pink Kandi’s dick sucking is legendary – its no frills, extras…just good ol’ fashioned hard dick sucking with the sole intent of making the dick explode. Pink Kandi’s dick sucking is known far and wide and it stands the test of time. Even in her first scenes, aside from giant titties, Pink Kandi’s dick sucking stood out as an exceptional fierce technique…one that she has perfected. For more of Pink Kandi’s classic dick sucking check her out at – PinkKandiShoppe.com

4.) Erica Hood

The one and only Erica Hood. Any true fellatio affecianado knows the skills of Erica Hood. After making her maiden fellatio debut on supreme fellatio site, JawJackers.net – Erica Hood was instantly recognized as a superior force in fellatio, and the proof is in the action as she is a fan favorite and repeat performer through JawJackers.net and the Nasty Network. Erica Hood is textbook classic fellatio with a little something extra. What makes Erica’s head go some fierce and feared is that, in a world where drool and spit cover up the inadequcies of many fellatio artists, Erica Hood showcases nothing but pure skill and talent by using pure suction and a relentless head movement, leaving the dick neat, but with a nice glaze of wetness. And when we say suction, we mean pure suction – picture a cross between the Energizer Bunny and a Dyson vacuum and we have the fellatio skills of Erica Hood (in fact we call her Erica H. Dyson ourselves). It is this style that has left even the biggest dicks destroyed in her wake. While huge dicks may intimidate most, Erica Hood uses her tight, neat, and relentless sucking to drain those balls efficiently and sufficiently time and time again. You are witnessing a Grandmaster in the Fellatial Arts. Always want to see more and more.

5.) Victoria Secrets

What can’t be said about the owner of one of the greatest women with the greatest asses in the history of voluptuous adult entertainment – Victoria Secrets – nothing…so we will say this yet again. Victoria Secrets gives has one of the most unassuming, but most incredible fellatio techniques, because hers has the ability to evolve in midsuck. She can go from maximum suction to hard suction while glazing the dick – a technique practiced by the some of the greatest of all time, including Pinky & Vanessa Del Rio. And with a return to the world of XXX…her fellatio has evolved even more to include almost a quiet storm on the dick. While we are paitiently waiting to see what else she has in store – the head game of Victoria Secrets is quite diabolical.

6.)Ella Titzgerald

The 48NN Cup Giant Titty Phenom – known as Ella Titzgerald,and since she her debut fellatio trailer broke late last year, she has been dubbed “Hurricane” Ella Titzgerald. Yep, that’s right…”HURRICANE”, and clearly you can see why. For when it comes to dick, Ella Titzgerald inhales it like a Category 5 hurricane – total dick destruction and not for the faint at heart or those dicks that are accustomed to the neat and proper. No, Ella Titzgerald combines superior suction with violent head and neck control. Her fellatio style demands the dick deep in her throat, and as soon as she goes up she forcefully goes back down balls deep…and if she can’t get balls deep – as you can see has no problem forcing her neck over the dick till it is swept up completely in her mouth…like a Hurricane. Ella Titzgerald is fellatial predator even though she is still new in the game…with 48NN titties and a fericious fellatio technique…The Hurricane is about to be one of the best.

For All Things Ella Titzgerald check her out on her Twitter & her website – EllaTitzgerald.com!

7.) Mz. Tonque Action

Representing the next era of supreme dicksucking that has taken the internet over by storm is astounding Mz. Tongue Action! And we have just one word for this woman…DAMN! For we have many women that have mastered deepthroat, as we many that have mastered the ability of “free tongue” (having the tongue independently pleasure the dick outside the mouth while still sucking), but very few if any have been able to master both abilities at the same damn time with perfectionist ability – well…here is perhaps the first. Mz. Tongue Action is just amazing to watch and with her namesake indicating everything you need to know…she is serious about this dicksucking. Pay homage to possibly one of the, soon to be, best who ever did it??? Only time will tell!

No website that we know of but check out more of Mz. Tongue Action at her Pornhub Page.

8.)Becky Butterfly

Becky Butterfly has been simply stellar in the world of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment to becoming one of the favorite BBWs in the Business, and with good reason…the woman is a bonifide fuckstar. Who else fucks hard quite like Becky Butterfly…and along with some of the most energetic fucking ever seen in the genre…there’s no doubt why she is on top. But often overlooked, is this woman’s stunningly incredible dick sucking ability – this woman is simply relentless with the dicksucking…and her specialty…the deepthroat. Seeing her perform on the dick is intoxicating because its as if every suck she performs is geared to go balls deep in her mouth. The need for the head of the dick to touch the deepest parts of her throat is what separates her from many of her contemporaries because this is what Becky Butterfly commands. And it is what makes her dicksucking the most enjoyed.

9.) Mz. Sucktion

Mz. Sucktion – a name that is being buzzed throughout the internet as one of the game’s top fellatio artists…but let us just stop the bullshit…Mz. Sucktion can just straight up suck a mean ass dick. We really can not put it any simpler than that. Representing the #SucktionGang, Mz. Sucktion is a no holds barred dick sucking enthausist who controls the dick totally when she is performing on it. If ever you were looking for a total and complete head game, you will find no flaws at all with the head game of Ms. Sucktion. While we don’t like using the term perfect, we will say as far as encompassing overall technique, free tongue, deepthroat, and enthausism she is flawlessly in her class of her own. Not to mention some of the most biggest titties on such a thick frame…I mean those titties are fucking huge, and Ms. Sucktion knows how to expertly combinie them with her dicksucking to create a pleasure and a scene that can’t be described as anything but on point.

Check out more of Ms. Sucktion on her Instagram as well as on her Pornhub.

…and there you have it…our 9 Most Diabolical Fellatio Artists You Should Know. Without a doubt these ladies represent the best in the business of blow. But by no means was this comprehensive. There were many others out there who could have made this list…yet the vast majority of them were simply just unknown. No names, no contacts, and that wouldn’t be fair to you guys to present such a list without at least names and way to see more of them in action…but let us know what you think of our list in the comments below.

And if you know of any others that we should cover – mention them in the comments or hit us up on Twitter at @PHATMagazine