Sofia Rose in Shape of Beauty “Work it Out”

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Part 3 of the Shape of Beauty Series

Starring Sofia Rose, Derrick Pierce




Sofia Rose is busy working out with her personal trainer, Derrick Pierce. Her tight workout pants and sports bra beautifully show off her sensual curves. Her face is filled with determination, her gaze sultry.She is completely in the zone as Derrick helps her stretch, his strong body nestled against her voluptuous form. As she exercises, she can’t resist flirting with her trainer, especially when doing squats or bouncing on an exercise ball in front of him. What hotblooded man can resist such a juicy ass and hefty breasts jiggling in front of his very eyes?

It’s not long before Sofia has Derrick completely under her spell and yearning for her. When she slyly drops onto her hands and knees upon a yoga mat, leaning forward and then pressing her booty back against him, she can feel the bulge in his pants. He wants her as bad as she wants him, and he can’t fight the feeling any longer.Sofia revels in her sweet victory as Derrick strips her, eagerly eating out and fingering her pussy, making her head spin. When his cock slides inside of her and his hands squeeze her breasts, she’s about to get the best workout of her life.Now THIS is a workout routine Sofia can fully get behind.


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