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Thursday APR 18th 2013 | By PHATStaff
Evasive Angles Releases The Butt Interview on YouTube

Building the hype for one of the already most anticipated releases of 2013, Evasive Angles has release interview footage of The Butt from her upcoming Evasive Angles Debut.

It was made announced on the Evasive Angles twitter feed and made availiable to the world via YouTube. Though we are asking questions about this release (because we said we would keep you abreast of all things The Butt because that's what you guys want) Evasive Angles reps are still being tight lipped about the upcoming release. What we can gather from the obvious is that The Butt will definitely have the cover, and it will feature Rock The Icon. Whether or not it will be stricly The Butt feature or if she will be apart of a lineup of other women is still being kept hush hush. We are predicting a release date soon definitely by the summer. We shall see, but for now - check out the interview:

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For Exclusive The Butt XXX Footage and scenes, check out her website - www.TheButtxxx.com
Evasive Angles Building The Buzz With The Butt Interview Release!