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Evasive Angles Releases "The Butt's" Debut Box Cover!
Saturday MAY 18th 2013 | By PHATStaff

 We told you this was going to happen, and low and behold it is happening. The woman who has stolen the attention of the entire adult industry, "The Butt", linked up with Evasive Angles to do her first pro shoot. And after what seemed like months and months of waiting, they have finally released the box cover.

To loosely quote Rick Ross: ' See Dat' Ass On The Cover So You Know Its Real!!! '

It looks like our predictions of a Summer release was dead on. Evasive Angles is set to own, what we are calling, "Bootylicious Summer" - (If Kanye West can have a Cruel Summer, we can damn sure have a Bootylicious One!). And who better to spearhead it then, the most talked about, and in demand, phenom in the business....The Butt.

SIDE NOTE: For those of you, who couldn't wait, and still can't wait, to get their hands on brand new "The Butt" classic XXX footage, she recently did a scene with the legendary Big Booty website - ATL - Bad - Boy.com (she's listed as "The Supa Donk" on the site!).

This is big!. We have been saying since her instant fame in late 2012, that The Butt, was set to turn this industry on its head. She has done just that. So we can only imagine the frenzy this box cover from her first highly anticipated major debut is going to cause. All we know is that we can't wait to get our copy of history in the making. Even more than that, we can't wait to see the trailer. But, this will happily, yet temporarily, suffice until the trailer becomes availiable. Sources at Evasive Angles still aren't giving an exact release date yet, but needless to say, with them releasing the box cover, a release date is coming very soon!

All we do know is that this is going to be exciting. We hope that this is going to be the first of a long line of major movies for The Butt. She certainly has commandeered a strong and growing fanbase for it. Plus with the "pre-marketing" that Evasive has started (ie: The Butt's Evasive Angles Interview - as seen below) doing for this flick, its safe to say that they are ready for The Butt hysteria that's about to pop off.

As always, we are going to bring you the latest on all The Butt developments as we get them. But damn, The Butt & PHAT BLACK ASS WORSHIP...we couldn't think of a more appropriate title!

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What...you really thought The Butt wasn't going to get the cover?!?!
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