Cotton Candi (48L) Turning Heads
TUESDAY Jul 06 16:34 PM EST | BY PHATStaff
Cotton Candi displays her huge 48L over at EthnicKnockers.com

They say never trust a big butt and a smile, but you can trust that these big tits and sultry eyes look are causing heads to turn and double takes like crazy. Cotton Candi is coming on strong into the voluptuous adult scene and thousands are taking notice. Standing 5'4, 200 + pounds, and holding some of the heaviest and prettiest breasts we have ever seen, measuring at a 48L, there is no doubt that Cotton Candi is a certified voluptuous sweetwater bombshell.

Oh yes, that's right 48L cup breasts, which when combined with the height make them seem to be even bigger, and what's wrong with that, lol. Yet, Cotton Candi isn't all big breasts and sexiness. Not at all, she is a dynamic sexual tigress as well as she displayed recently over at BustyBabyDolls.com (2010 Urban X Award Winner). Cotton Candi's passion and lust for sex was excellently showcased in that scene, where she showed off her sloppy fellatio skills and her mesmerizing cowgirl skills. Cowgirl skills that are even more enjoyable when you realize that Murdah is being pleasurably suffocated almost by the ginormous mammaries of Cotton Candi.

In an interview at BustyBabyDolls.com, she also hinted that her favorite porn actor was T.T. Boy (CEO of Evasive Angles):

"My favorite porn actor T.T. Boy. I think when I first started watching porn he was out there in the videos I was watching and I kind of got turned on by him so I kinda stuck with it so that's my favorite pornstar.", says Cotton Candi, " I like the way he fucks from the back, he give it hard."

Message to T.T. Boy - "Get yo' ass up and get this woman in some films quick. She is guaranteed success", and that goes for the rest of you studios out there as well. Cotton Candi has all the makings to truly be a great force in this industry for a long while. BBW sweetwaters are still far and few between, Cotton Candi may be the one to jumpoff the gold rush for more like her. One thing is certain, Cotton Candi is not one to miss. We are expecting lots of success from her.

So to you Cotton Candi, the sky is the limit for you.

Also check out more of Cotton Candi over at the good folks at Ethnic Knockers

Cotton Candi is an instant star already, seen here posing lustfully at BustyBabyDolls.com