Guess Who's Back: Bria Asston
SATURDAY July 09 16:31 PM EST | BY PHATStaff
The Model Formerly Known As Hot Chocolate

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FIrst things first, you are a pioneer in the world of monster booties. Everyone remembers your work with www.BiggerBottoms.com as Hot Chocolate. You were mad popular, but then you disappeared. So the question everyone wants to know Ms. Bria Asston is...where you been?

Actually i'm still around the BBW industry. I'm hosting parites in New York right now. So for all the BBWs that come up to New York you'll probably catch me hosting a party up there for the people who love us.

Now...you've come out with a new name...

(laughs) Yes I have a new name.

What is the name?

Its Ms. Bria Asston, something that me and a friend of mine collaborated & came up with. Hopefully i'll be doing new things this year and next year. So I got to have a new name and that's what it is.

So this new name is the rebirth of the model formerly known as Hot Chocolate?

Yes, that's definitely what you can say

A lof of people may not know that before the Cherokee's, the Pinky's, the Ms. Booty's, the Chyna Redd's you were like one of the first women to pioneer one of the badonkadonk/monster booty crazes, and for BBWs no less. So with that, how did you get started in adult modeling anyway?

Actually like a lot of people I started posting a few pics back in the day on a site called NudeAfrica.com. It was actually a dare from one of my girlfriends who frequented the site. So she took a picture, posted it up, and I got discovered by H. Black. I didn't start modeling right away, you know he told me about his website and that it was dedicated to women with enormous asses. I didn't get back in touch with him till like a year or so later and that's how it all got started. It was on a dare, it took a little time, I was shy. But it was so overwhelming from the response to my pictures she put up that I was like..."Wow!", I was flattered. So it took me some time but I eventually said "why not?".

You really didn't expect the feedback to be so strong for you?

It wasn't that I didn't expect it, it was just...I was wild. Of course there are a lot of people out there that love plus size women and SSBBWs but when I first came out it was the whole start of women like me getting noticed. And of course now they have SSBBWs on videos and talk shows. But when I first came out we were still udnerated, but now a lot of women like myself definitely kicked the door open for a lot of models that are out there now in the adult plus size industry.

So how long have you been in adult entertainment modeling?

I started in 2004

How has the game changed since you started to now.

Wow that's a good question. To me I feel like now, its just like any and everybody feels that they can have a website, i'm going to be honest with you. Everybody feels they can do it, they think its easy, but its really not easy. Its not easy doing adult modeling, its definitely not easy doing your own website, its not easy building a fanbase. Its just a little bit different. The money has changed. The fans have changed. People get tired of seeing the same old thing. Or every body is trying to do what the next person did instead of being unique.

Well you mean its hard to get a fanbase unless you have a unique look like yours, and definitely an ass like yours right?

(laughs) Thank you. its good to have a gimmick and its good to be unique. Its good to have more then just a pretty face and a phat ass. It takes a little more than that sometimes, like brains.

You were considered to have one of the biggest asses in the game at one point, how does it feel to be admired so deeply, even after your hiatus? Especially with all the new talent that has and is coming in?

It makes me feel really good. I'm definitely for anything that can shed light on the bbw industry; show the world that we are beautiful and desired. I'm definitely flattered, which is why i'm back with a new name. Hopefully you'll see some new things for me this 2011 going into 2012.

So its official, you are back in the game?

I'm offically back. I will be letting the fans know when I have new things coming out. I just want to reinvent myself, so i'm going to be looking for some bigger and better things to do.

So now that you are offically back, what are you looking to do now?

I still would like to do modeling. I would love love love to have my own reality tv show. Love it. So I would love to host or have a reality tv show. I am going to come out with some new things for the fans. I know they are tired of seeing those old pictures & videos.

Hey that work is still hot though, its classic. People still love it. We remember you doing a some X rated girl/girl scenes. Are you going to be doing more of that and dabbing into the XXX side?

Um...i'm not sure if I'm ready to do that. I know a lot of my fans would love to see me go ahead and do a hardcore fuck scene, just keeping it real. I really honestly feel like there are enough women out there doing that and they are doing a wonderful job. That's not what I'm really into. I'm into a little more softcore and fetishes. But hopefully i'm going to come out with something new for my fans. It might not be a fuck movie like everybody wants but i'm definitely going to come with something new and improved.

How about softcore girl/girl?

Possibly, i am bi sexual, and i love bbws and ssbbws in my personal life. So as I reinvent myself, you may get to see me with another girl on girl scene.

Do you watch a lot of porn and is there a lot of people who's work you admire?

Yes I love porn. I like a lot of women in the game. Definitely have to big up my girl Cherokee [D'ass], another pioneer. Um love the work of Pinky. Crystal Clear definitely kicked the door in for professional bbws in porn. She definitely opened the doors for a lot of bbws out now. We got Farrah Foxx, we have Supreme Diva, we have Superstar XXX. A lot of ladies are doing there thing. I'm not going to take anything away from any of the young ladies who are in the porn game. That's just not where i'm trying to go with it. I'm trying to go on the softer side of it.

Any chance of you going behind the camera to direct your own softcore or XXX films?

I would love to do that. Anything is possible. You know i've been out here networking, so if I can get with the right people who know what my vision is & what I would like to see on film it could happen.

You don't mind if I ask you some sexual questions do you? (laughs)

No not at all. We're grown.

What kind of men do you like in your personal life?

I like a man who is a man. I like hard working, I like freaky. I like a man who's definitely sexual. As far as looks, I'm not gonna say I don't have a preference because I do like chocolate [men].

You mean like Shabba Ranks, Flavor Flav chocolate

Oh no no! I mean like Tyrese chocolate, (laughs)

Are you a freak?

I'm a scorpio. So I'm definitely freaky with the person I choose to be freaky with. But people always as if you are freak. So what is considered freaky? People consider having regular sex as being freaky. I mean you have to be open minded to be freaky.

I mean the standards have gone up to be classified as freaky nowadays. So I guess regular dicksucking can't be considered being freaky anymore. I guess nowadays licking ass and sucking toes, and all that other stuff. Girls wearing strap ons and fucking their men...I don't know, I guess that's what the new definition of being freaky would be now.


She amazes thousands with her unique sexy look, soft pouty lips, milk chocolate complexion, and of course her hourglass 70+ inches of chocolate ass. One of the pioneers of the monster booty bbws she iss adored and absorbed by the fans of voluptuous adult entertainment. Becoming a poster child for the term and website BiggerBottoms.com, her status has grew so much that her own site was a must. From that status, her site, BBWHotChocolate was born to the fanfare of her fans all over.

Then, she seemed to have disappered leaving everyone wondering her whereabouts. Well, we had an amazing chance to catch up with the beautiful sexy adult model formerly known as "Hot Chocolate". She's back and still just as incredibly booty-full as ever, and ready to come back just as strong as ever. And with a new name, the industry has been put on notice - the era of Ms. Bria Asston has officially begun!!!